The Beginnings of AMSA

In 1960, medical students from around Australia met in Brisbane for their first national conference. Never before had Australian medical students come together as one body to discuss ideas, share information and voice their opinions and concerns.

It was now clear that beyond the scope of a national conference, there was a need for an organisation to represent and support the interests of medical students on a national level – and so, the Australian Medical Students’ Association, or AMSA (as it is more fondly known) was born.

AMSA History Project

From humble beginnings in the land of big pineapples and retirees, AMSA has enjoyed a colourful, wonderful and eventful history. Unfortunately, it seems as though everyone was having far too great a time to record any of it. In the past few years we have realised the follies of our disorganised ways and have made a commitment to actively recognise and rediscover our past.

Any leads to Convention paraphernalia and photos, executive teams, publications, MedSoc reports, personalities, and campaigns are in demand. So go forth, and search for our roots, for our fore founding fathers and mothers. Ask your local grey haired GP, ask that guy in your year who should have finished 7 years ago, ask your examiner….every little bit helps.

If you have something to contribute to the AMSA History Project, please contact history@amsa.org.au.

Previous National Executives

Recent National Executives include:

2014: Victoria and Tasmania, led by Ms Jessica Dean

2013: New South Wales, led by Mr Benjamin Veness

2012: Victoria, led by Mr James Churchill

2011: Western Australia, led by Mr Robert Marshall

2010: South Australia, led by Mr Ross Roberts-Thomson

2009: New South Wales, led by Ms Tiffany Fulde