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Twenty Leading Health Organisations Endorse AMSA Letter on Trans Kids in NSW Schools


In a letter written by AMSA and endorsed by twenty leading health organisations, including RACGP, ACRRM, headspace and the Black Dog Institute, the health workforce urge politicians to oppose discriminatory One Nation legislation that has recently been endorsed by the NSW Parliament Legislative Council Education Committee. The Bill would prohibit schools from teaching that trans people exist, prohibit school counsellors from providing trans kids with confidential counselling and referral to gender affirming medical services, mandate that trans children medically and surgically affirm their gender before they are able to use gendered facilities and place school staff at risk of losing their job if they're seen to be affirming a trans kid.

 “Being transgender and gender diverse is normal, healthy, and representative of the diversity in human gender” said Ms Sophie Keen, AMSA President.

 “Although many trans people live healthy and happy lives, a disproportionate number experience unacceptable health inequities compared to the broader population. Many of these health inequities are associated with high levels of overt and implicit discrimination against trans communities. Societal stigma, exclusionary language, structural violence and barriers to gender affirmation perpetuate this discrimination and increase the risk of poorer health outcomes in trans children, adolescents and adults.”

 “The Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 poses further risk to the health and wellbeing of trans youth, and constitutes a health issue pertinent to the peak health bodies of Australia."

"People who are trans thrive in environments where they feel safe, affirmed, respected and understood. This must be considered when developing legislation and policy that impacts education and healthcare systems." For more information please contact the AMSA President Sophie Keen at [email protected] or [email protected]

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