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National Advocacy Priorities

2020 National Advocacy Priorities 


AMSA’s National Advocacy Priorities are issues that AMSA plans to focus on in 2020. These priorities are voted upon by medical students in the National Survey, and outlines their core concerns.


An issue not being on the list doesn’t mean that AMSA can’t advocate for it - our advocacy is broadly derived from our extensive policy base.


  • Improving medical student mental health and wellbeing.
  • Preventing an increase in medical student numbers and the establishment of new medical schools 
  • Action on sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination 
  • Increasing intake onto specialty training programs that align with workforce demand, with a particular focus on regional and rural areas 
  • Work collaboratively to improve the health of Australia’s Indigenous people (including the recruitment and support of Indigenous medical students)
  • Improving the quality of clinical schools and placements for medical students 
  • Increasing the availability of quality internships for all medical students 
  • Working collaboratively to minimise the health impacts of climate change through mitigation and adaptation strategies