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Victorian election commitment to incentivise medical students to become GPs is a welcome start

Posted on 11/24/2022
The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) welcomes the Victorian Labor Party’s election commitment to spend $32 million to incentivise medical graduates to become GPs.

AMSA joins peak student bodies call for systemic reforms in disability and education

Posted on 11/14/2022
AMSA has joined with the National Union of Students and The Australian Law Students' Association to call on universities to improve action on representation of people with disabilities in higher education.

AMSA Releases Recommendations to Address General Practice Shortages

Posted on 11/11/2022
The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) has released a report titled: Medical Student Interest in General Practice - Reversing the Trend: Recommendations for Government, Universities and General Practice Colleges.

AMSA Iranian Protests Statement

Posted on 10/26/2022
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) calls for the Iranian government to respect freedom of expression and protect the rights of all people, including women, within their nation.

Australian Doctor apologises for treatment of intersex children

Posted on 9/10/2022
A leading expert has made the first public apology by a medical doctor in Australia for harmful medical treatments imposed on children with intersex variations.

Medial students call for greater disability representation

Posted on 7/11/2022
The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) calls for medical schools and healthcare systems across the nation to actively support students and professionals with disabilities.

Australian Medical Students Save 10,000 Lives

Posted on 6/18/2022
Thousands of medical students across Australia have flocked over the past two months to be part of one of the country’s biggest blood donation drives.

Medical students say more students is not the solution to Australia's health crisis

Posted on 5/22/2022
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) strongly opposes the Group of Eight Universities’ recommendation for the incoming Government to fund an additional 1,000 medical student Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs).

Medical students disappointed in the government's lack of support for gender diverse communities

Posted on 5/18/2022
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is extremely disappointed by the recent comments made by members of the federal government regarding the trans and gender diverse community.

Medical Students Oppose Budget Increase of Commonwealth Supported Places

Posted on 3/31/2022
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) opposes the Federal Budget announcement of introducing 80 new medical Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) at rural campuses

Scrubber Duck - AMSA’s Official Scrub Partner in 2022

Posted on 3/30/2022
We are proud to announce Scrubber Duck as our official Scrubs Partner. For all AMSA members, enjoy a 10% discount on all Scrubber Duck products on their website.

Australian Medical Students call for peace in Ukraine

Posted on 3/4/2022
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) calls for a ceasefire in the Ukraine and Russian conflict.

Medical Students Say University Education is Lacking

Posted on 10/7/2021
The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is calling out “inadequate” curricula in the area of sexual health in their University-level medical training.

Twenty Leading Health Organisations Endorse AMSA Letter on Trans Kids in Schools

Posted on 9/27/2021
In a letter written by AMSA and endorsed by twenty leading health organisations healthcare urge politicians to oppose discriminatory legislation.

AMSA President and RACP President Discuss Mental Health, Burnout and COVID-19

Posted on 9/17/2021
Doctors working in the under-siege healthcare system say the pandemic has exacerbated one major problem. And the solution is complicated.

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