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AMSA COVID-19 Response

This webpage is updated with recent announcements and documents that AMSA produces as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. It will provide information and updates on the lay of the land and outlines AMSA's stance on various issues as COVID-19 continues. Please see the documents below for the latest update on how AMSA is addressing the COVID-19 outbreak. We are working around the clock with our volunteers and stakeholders to try and tackle this issue as effectively as possible. Staying informed by regularly checking the AMSA website as well as our Facebook page. 

12/08/20 Update: Victorian DHHS update on Medical Student Placements under Stage 3 and 4 Restrictions
Please find attached here:

08/05/20 Update: Press conference with the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, about coronavirus (COVID-19).

30/04/20 Update: Times Higher Education - Medical students drafted into Australian health workforce

21/04/20 Update: Going Viral podcast with Dr Harry Nespolon

07/04/20 Update: MDANZ, AHPRA, AMC Joint Statement: Supporting our future doctors is important now and in years to come

06/04/20 Update: SBS Article/TV/news from AMSA International Student Network

04/04/20 Update: MDANZ Staying Health at Home (Working/Studying from home during COVID-19) Resource
Fantastic resource collated by MDANZ to help students and staff to stay health at home during COVID-19. Curated articles and collated support resources.

03/04/20 Update: AMA and AMSA Medical Student Public Hospital Engagement Contract Check-list
AMA have created a document, endorsed by AMSA, with advice on contract regarding medical student engagement in the workforce. The embedded check-list is a great starter to ensure that you whatever work contract gets placed in front of you, you have a starting point to evaluate and ensure that your working rights are protected.

03/04/20 Update: MDANZ and AMSA Statement on Offers from Health Services
MDANZ and AMSA have a letter directed towards medical students to ensure that they liaise any offers to their clinical coordinator and medical faculty so that the medical school can help be an advocate for you, advise whether the role can contribute to your progression and provide support so that you are prepared to take on that job/role.

03/04/20 Update: AMSA, MSCV and NSWMSC in the Media Update
Various articles have featured, AMSA, MSCV and NSWMSC regarding medical students in the workforce. Links to each of the articles below:

MJA Insight, AMSA -
Ausdoc, AMSA -
The Age, MSCV -

31/03/20 Update: AMSA Indigenous Health Statement on COVID-19

30/03/20 Update: COVID-19 Policy Voted at AMSA National Council 1

On the 22nd of March, AMSA representatives voted on AMSA's Covid-19 policy, which elucidates the principles of AMSA's advocacy on behalf of medical students on the topic of Covid-19. This policy incorporates the views of medical students across Australia and builds on AMSA's Covid-19 position statement, which was published earlier this month. Any questions about the Covid-19 policy can be directed to AMSA's national policy officer, Travis Lines.

21/03/20 Update: AMSA 2020 EVENT PROGRAM UPDATE

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented start to 2020. In accordance with Department of Health recommendations, we've made several adjustments to our 2020 Event Program. Please note that this is an ever-evolving situation and further changes may be required in the future. We thank our wonderful delegates for their patience and unwavering support.
NLDS: postponed
National Convention: cancelled
GHC: currently running but under review, may be subject to date and program changes
RHS: currently running but under review, may be subject to date and program changes
Council 1: this weekend (21-22 Mar), online
Council 2: online, date to be confirmed
Council 3: currently running but under review, may be subject to date changes, location to be confirmed

19/03/20-20/03/20 Update

MDANZ has uploaded 2 separate documents regarding 'principles to support medical students’ safe and useful roles in the COVID-19 health workforce' and 'Medical Students’ contribution to the health workforce response to COVID-19'.

18/03/20 Update

AMSA President, Daniel Zou, was interviewed and contributed to a The Age/SMH/Brisbane Times article regarding medical student involvement in the workforce, emphasizing the need to have the right safeguards, indemnity, remuneration, PPE and training; and for this to all be non-coercive.
Link to article here:

17/03/20 Update

AMSA has been working on this issue consistently behind the scenes in the past 3-4 weeks. We have released AMSA has released an MR which can be found here:

12/03/20 Update

Here is AMSA's position document on various issues related medical student welfare, medical student education and student/patient safety. It details the various stakeholders we are in talks with (e.g. MDANZ, Universities Australia, Federal DoH etc.) and who you should escalate to if you have a situation/problem that has arisen from COVID-19.