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25 Jul 2019

The 2020 National Executive Bid process is now open!

The AMSA National Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation for the calendar year. They oversee national projects, advocacy and importantly, internal management and communication between different parts of this incredibly dynamic organisation. Passionate medical students, even those with limited AMSA experience, are encouraged to consider this incredible opportunity to lead an organisation encompassing hundreds of volunteers.

For more information about the process and requirements read the 2020 National Executive Bid guide and 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Bid Requirements

Bids must be comprised of (unless approved otherwise):

  • ‘Core Four’

    • President

    • Treasurer

    • Vice President Internal

    • Vice President External 

  • At least four (4) of the following:

    • National Coordinator

    • Policy Officer

    • Projects Officer

    • Events Officer

    • 1 x Sponsorship Officer

While bids must include the required members above, teams can also include other team positions. The remaining team positions not listed above in the 2019 Executive are: 1 x Sponsorship Officer, Student Engagement Officer, Publications & Promotions Officer, Secretary, IT Officer, Public Relations Officer.

There is no requirement for a bid to all come from a single city or state, or for all members of a team to have had prior experience with AMSA.

As per the AMSA Constitution, executive bid documents required are:

  • The postal address for the Bid Team

  • The names, electronic addresses, proposed positions on the Executive and MedSocs of all members of the Bid Team

In addition to this, each bid team is invited to submit personal statements outlining their vision for AMSA, in accordance with the overall AMSA Strategic Plan

We recommend potential bid members contact relevant existing executive prior to submitting a bid to discuss further. In previous years, there have been smaller and larger numbers of executive members with slightly different portfolios, and there is the potential for change of structure.

Important Dates

  • Thursday August 22nd 5PM AEST is the deadline to submit applications to Executive Officer, Adrian Armitage, at; as well as Chair of the Nominations Committee, Maria Bilal, at

  • After this, bid teams will be contacted for interview by teleconference with the Nominations Committee.

  • Election of the Executive will occur during a General Meeting, during Council 3 (September 13th to 15th - Final Time TBA). During this process, bid teams will be invited to give a short (10min) presentation followed by a 10 min Q&A session. We encourage as many of the team as possible to be present, with ideally the minimum requirement being the attendance of the ‘Core Four’. However, full team attendance is not a compulsory requirement and teams will not be hindered from presenting without a full executive team.

I have questions, who can I ask?

The 2019 Executive is very happy to chat with you, so feel free to get in touch. Their emails are listed under their current positions. You can contact 2019 President, Jessica Yang at

The Chair of the Board, Haydn Dodds (, and Executive Officer, Adrian Armitage ( can be contacted

for further information about the process, including for examples of previous bid documentation.

2020 National Executive Bid Guide.

Published: 25 Jul 2019