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AMSA Academy Positions Available Now

15 Feb 2018

What is AMSA Academy?

AMSA Academy is an online learning platform, across multiple disciplines within medicine, that offers expert speaker presentations, interactive quizzes, robust forums and exciting prizes. After a very successful launch in 2015 with 500+ enrolments, AMSA Academy has been awaiting the re-launch of its most popular modules: Global Health, Sexual Health and Mental Health.

There’s no time like now to join this project - the 2017 AMSA Academy team has proudly developed user-friendly and professional templates, which make module-creation accessible to those with no prior experience in module design. We want you to join this team if you are passionate about the above module topics, enjoy the creative process behind educational resources, and/or have a passion for IT.

We can assure you that being involved with AMSA and in AMSA Academy’s module development, will enrich your medical school experience and upskill you; you will be able to develop your teamwork, leadership and troubleshooting skills, setting you up with skills for life in the medical profession.


Positions available:

National Coordinator

Module Convenors

IT Officer

Education Officer


Apply now! Applications close March 1st, please fill out the wufoo form:

For more information:

Contact: Sarah Keenan

Published: 15 Feb 2018