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AMSA Budget Update re: CMI


09 May 2018


 Summary of changes: 

  •  Earlier this year the Government announced a review of funding for the Commonwealth Medical Internship program.
  • The Commonwealth Medical Internship program (CMI) has been consolidated into a broader program called the Junior Doctor Training Program.
  • There will continue to be 100 internship positions open to international students for 2019 internship year, now under the “Private Hospital Stream” of the Junior Doctor Training Program
  • This means "CMI" will not be advertised in 2018, but 100 federally funded internship spots for international students will still be available for the 2019 internship year.
  •  The Private Hospital Stream (with 100 internships) will follow a similar recruitment timeline as the previous CMI process (to open after the first round of state offers are made in ~July/August 2018).
  •  Numbers of positions will rise to 115 internships positions from 2020.
  •  Due to a low number of applicants in 2017, eligibility for the CMI program was expanded outside of international student graduates from Australian medical schools. This will continue in the new program if the available positions are not filled by international student graduates of Australian medical schools.
  • As with CMI, international students graduating from Australian Medical Schools remain the targeted population. 
  •  Unlike CMI, these federally funded internship positions will not include a Rural Return of Service obligation


Department of Health Communique:

The establishment of the new Junior Doctor Training Program announced with the Budget consolidates a number of former training initiatives, including the Commonwealth Medical Internships (CMI).  There will be two main components:

  • Primary Care Stream; and
  • Private Hospital Stream.

See Budget FactSheet here:

Further Clarifications from the Department of Health for AMSA:

  1. The Government’s intention is that the investment in private sector intern positions will be targeted towards international Australian trained medical graduates, although the places are not exclusively quarantined to these doctors. To ensure places are filled each year other graduates may be eligible once first preferences have been exhausted, in a similar way to how eligibility for CMI was broadened this year. Prospective graduates who have been offered a state and territory funded place are not expected to be eligible. 
  2. There will be 100 private sector intern places next year, increasing to 115 from 2020. Rural private sector training settings will be prioritised but there will not be a contractual return of service requirement with the department.  
  3. CMI places will not be advertised as that program will cease at the end of 2018.  There will be some changes to how current arrangements work but we expect the timing of recruitment to be broadly similar, i.e. after the initial rounds of state offers have been made.  The department plans to be involved in providing private hospitals with details about prospective graduates who are interested in participating in the new program.  We will provide more detail about this process in coming months.

Further information about the new program and the recruitment process for 2018 will be announced in the coming months. AMSA will be working closely with the Department of Health to communicate all changes to you in a timely manner. If you have questions or require further clarification, you can direct your email to

Published: 09 May 2018