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AMSA MedEd Team Callouts open

11 Sep 2018

AMSA MedEd is the only committee instructed with the sole goal of improving Medical Education in Australia and we’re looking for its next group of leaders. You could lead a group of incredible volunteers from across the country, producing “life-saving” educational material and finding new ways to enrich Medical Education. If you think you can make a difference, Apply now to join the AMSA MedEd team for 2019!

Positions open for:


  • ●  AMSA Med Ed Chair

  • ●  AMSA Med Ed Vice Chair Resource

  • ●  AMSA Med Ed Vice Chair Research

  • ●  AMSA Med Ed Student Engagement Officer

  • ●  AMSA Med Ed IT Officer

  • ●  AMSA Fact Sheet Coordinator

  • ●  AMSA Question Bank Coordinator

  • ●  AMSA Academy Coordinator

  • ●  AMSA Academy Editor

Published: 11 Sep 2018