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01 Jun 2017

Medical students call for action on doctors’ mental health amidst the national campaign #crazysocks4docs.


President of the Australian Medical Students’ Association, Rob Thomas said: “It’s a great opportunity for medical students, doctors and other health professionals to wear odd and brightly coloured socks as a sign of mental health awareness for health professionals.

“Consistently, data has shown that health professionals are prone to mental health issues, culminating in a higher rate of suicide than the general population. Only with decisive action and awareness can we hope to change the culture of medicine and curb this trend.


“At the medical student level, students need to learn the importance of work-life balance, and ensuring they have close support systems in place. Mental illness can affect anyone at any time, and it’s important that students learn to recognise the early signs in themselves and their peers.”


In a statement at the AMA National Conference last weekend, Mr Thomas spoke about the broader implications of depression and mental illness: “According to the World Health Organisation, depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. This year, we’ve had tragic reminders of the struggles doctors experience and it’s not something I want our profession to be known for.”


Get involved by wearing odd socks on June 1st, and using the hashtag #crazysocks4docs.


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Published: 01 Jun 2017