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Medical students join doctors calling for refugee with terminal illness to be brought to Australia for palliative care

20 Jun 2018


Wednesday 20 June 2018


The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), which represents the 17,000 medical students across the country, today joined the AMA in calling for an Afghan refugee with advanced lung cancer to be brought from Nauru to Australia for palliative care.


AMSA President, Alex Farrell, said, “This is the latest chapter in the ongoing and tragic story of the refugees left on Manus and Nauru. The 63-year-old man, known as Ali, has a terminal diagnosis and needs palliative care which can and should be provided in specialist facilities in Australia.


“To deny someone under the care of the Federal Government the chance to die free from suffering, for no reason other than he was detained for attempting to come to Australia, is unacceptable. He has the right to appropriate medical care, which is not available on Nauru. To show some compassion and allow this man to die in Australia, where he can both receive this medical care and have support from members of the Hazara community, is surely the least the Australian Government can do at this stage.


“AMSA stands alongside the AMA and other professional bodies in calling for the an independent body of medical experts to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the health care and needs of the asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru.”


Medical students have repeatedly voiced their opposition to the policy of offshore indefinite detention, marching through Sydney earlier this year under the banner Detention Harms Health.


Thousands of doctors have signed an online petition and open letter to Immigration Minister, the Hon Peter Dutton MP. If you would like to sign, please visit


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Published: 20 Jun 2018