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Board and Leadership Team

AMSA Board

AMSA is governed by a Board of ten company directors who define the strategic goals of AMSA. The Board is accountable to the Members for the Comapany's business and operations. 

Board of Directors

Ms Sophie Keen, President and Executive Director

Dr Conor Cusack, Chair of the Board and Non-Executive Director

Mr Alexander Ho, National Treasurer and Executive Director

Ms Florencia Moraga, Executive Director

Ms Jana Crous, Executive Director

Mr James Lord, Non-Executive Director

Ms Kathryn Woodward, Non-Executive Director

Ms Amani FrijatNon-Executive Director

Ms Nicole Seebacher, Non-Executive Director

Mr Adrian Armitage, Company Secretary and Executive Officer


AMSA Leadership Team

AMSA is managed by a team of 500 student volunteers, under the leadership of fifteen members of the National Executive.

National Executive

Ms Sophie Keen, President and Executive Director

Ms Erica Musgrove, Vice President (Internal)

Mr Jeremy Fernando, Vice President (External)

Mr Alexander Ho, National Treasurer and Executive Director

Mr Allen Gu, National Secretary

Mr Fergus Stafford, National Policy Officer

Mr Anthony Copeland, Public Relations Officer

Ms Jasmine Davis, National Projects Officer

Mr Deyan Momirovski, National Coordinator

Ms Elizabeth Hu, Student Engagement Officer

Ms Olivia Lindsay, National Events Officer

Ms Terra Sudarmana, Publications and Design Officer

Mr Abhishekh Srinivas, IT Officer

Mr Richard Song, National Sponsorship Officer

Mr Christian Mich, National Sponsorship Officer

Image: AMSA National Executive 2021