National Convention

Over fifty years ago a handful of Queensland medical students took the initiative to unite Australia’s medical student body, resulting in the very first AMSA Convention. From a simple gathering around a pint to share experiences, Convention has grown into one of the largest annual gatherings for medical students for the exchange of innovative and progressive ideas amongst the present and future members of the medical profession.

The seven days and nights of Convention are filled with Academic and Social events that students will remember for a lifetime. The Academic program features five days of inspirational and thought-provoking addresses from world-renowned speakers, and workshops. The evenings are filled with ample opportunity to engage with other medical students from across Australia and New Zealand in the notorious social program.

The past fifty years of medicine have been punctuated by great advances in knowledge and technology as well as major shifts in the way we teach and practice medicine, and Convention continues to celebrate these and encourages students to be part of the next advances.

The 56th Annual AMSA National Convention will be held in Melbourne in 2015. Head to the official website for updates.