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Humans of Medicine Campaign

1 in 4 medical students will experience depression during medical school. However, only 15% of those students will seek psychiatric treatment because of the stigma surrounding mental illness in medicine. This isn't good enough.
Join AMSA Mental Health's #HumansOfMedicine campaign by sharing your personal encounters with mental illness, any challenges you've faced in medical school and your coping strategies, or your experiences supporting a friend or colleague in need. We will be accepting submissions until the end of September, and all of your stories will be shared throughout October, which is Mental Health Month.
Openly admitting and accepting that we are just as vulnerable to the elements of life as our future patients are is the first step towards building a positive environment where all students feel comfortable seeking help.
Join the conversation and do your part to end the stigma.
#BreakTheSilence #AMSAMentalHealth