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Membership FAQs

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I thought I was already a member of AMSA?

AMSA has and will continue to advocate for the needs of medical students. However, legally and constitutionally, individual students have never been an AMSA member. This might not sound like a big deal, but it has created a large number of issues within our engagement with students and with AMSA's taxation and legal status.

What does this have to do with engagement?

One of the criticisms you may have heard about AMSA in recent years is that it needs to work on its engagement. Among others, medical students associate "AMSA" with "Convention" without knowing the other things we do. We want to be the kind of organisation which has a two-way dialogue with medical students so that individuals can tell us what they like about AMSA and what they'd like to see change. We would also like to be able to inform students about all things AMSA, from FSU at Convention, to our Global Health Conference, to our Advocacy in Canberra, to our AMSA Academy courses. All in all, we want students to be able to experience all that AMSA has to offer.

Who decided to do this?

These changes, passed at the 3rd AMSA Council of last year, were ratified by Medsocs. Without their support, we would not be able to open AMSA up this way.

Is this just a cash grab?

We do not want to preclude people from getting involved with AMSA due to the price.(We're medical students too!) However, research shows that members of an organisation are more likely to be engaged if they pay a regular fee - it makes you evaluate what we're doing for you, and keeps us working hard to give you value for your money.

What do I get from Membership?
  • A vote at AMSA Council (see below)
  • Access to registration for AMSA Events
  • Our Membership benefits package
  • Be added to AMSA's advocacy database and being contacted regarding potential opportunities in directly participating in AMSA's advocacy
The AMSA Team is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and benefits we can add to this list, so be sure to check this list out in the future.
What's the deal with my "vote" at Council?

If you become an AMSA Member, you will be able to vote in certain instances at AMSA's Council meetings where we meet three times a year to discuss issues important to medical students. If you are present, you will be able to vote for AMSA's incoming Directors and Executive. We will also be holding a special meeting during Convention in Melbourne this year where you can have your say. For all other votes held at AMSA Council, your vote will be automatically proxied to your Medsoc. This means that when they vote, their vote will be worth 250 plus one extra vote for each medical student member at their university.

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