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Organisational Structure



National Executive

AMSA as an organisation is overseen by the National Executive, recruited from medical schools across the country. The National Executive is responsible for maintaining the organisation on a day-to-day basis and coordinating both with AMSA reps at each university, as well as with many outside committees to make sure that your voice as a medical student is heard loud and clear. The AMSA Executive is elected annually by the AMSA Representatives from each medical school at Second Council. Individual positions within the Executive are not voted upon, rather votes are cast for a whole bid team. 


The external face of the organisation and sits on the Board of Directors

Vice President Internal

Looks after the wellbeing of the entire AMSA family and oversees the internal management of the organisation 

Vice President External

Oversees the advocacy portfolio and conducts meetings with external stakeholders


Responsible for AMSA's long-term financial security of and also manages or day-to-day budgeting


Coordinates the administrative and strategic support to the broader AMSA family and the executive, both internally and externally

Public Relations Officer

Acts as our external conduit for media enquiries and prepares our media releases

Policy Officer

Responsible for AMSA's broad, evidence-based policy base and manages our policy teams with the authors

National Coordinator

Functions as the connection between AMSA's representatives from across the country and the Central National Executive. They are also responsible for organising the three AMSA Councils

Events Coordinator

Facilitates communication and provides support between AMSA's event teams and the National Executive and Board of Directors

Projects Officer

Coordinates all of our Projects teams, including Vampire Cup, AMSA Mental Health, AMSA Queer and AMSA Gender Equity

Student Engagement Officer

Responsible for maintaining our social media platforms, consistent branding and oversees promotions across all AMSA branches

Publications Officer

Responsible for publishing our monthly Embolus newsletter as well as our annual Orange Guide, Internship Guide, Applying for Medicine Guide, Starting Medicine Guide and Panacea magazine.

IT Officer

Responsible for AMSA's IT infrastructure, including our website and membership system. The IT Officer also manages internal communication within the organisation

Sponsorship Officers

Work as a team to manage sponsorship across AMSA through the National Sponsorship Team and maintain relationships with our valued partners. 

The office holders and contact details for the National Executive can be found here.

Company Structure

AMSA is a public company limited by guarantee. It consists of an AMSA Board, the National Executive and Members of the company. Board Members are Directors of the company, and the Members of the company are the AMSA Representatives from each Medical School.  

AMSA Board

The AMSA Board is comprised of ten directors: four executive directors and six elected directly by Members at Council meetings. The Board is composed of various medical students as well as professionals in a range of fields, who maintain broad oversight of AMSA's operations and direction. AMSA's Board has a responsibility to ensure AMSA is run sustainably, in line with its strategic goals and in the interests of its membership. 

As of 14/07/2020, membership is as follows:

  • Alice Mizrahi, Chair of the Board and Non-Executive Director until September 2020
  • Daniel Zou, Executive Director and AMSA President until December 2020
  • Siobhan Dillon, Executive Director and AMSA Treasurer until December 2020
  • Nicole Seebacher, Non-Executive Director until March 2021
  • Conor Cusack, Non-Executive Director until September 2021
  • Sarah Butler, Executive Director and National Convention 2020 Convenor until September 2020
  • Zoe Byrne, Executive Director and Global Health Conference until September 2020
  • Kathryn Woodward, Non-Executive Director until March 2021
  • James Lord, Non-Executive Director until September 2021
  • Amani Frijat, Non-Executive Director until March 2021
  • Adrian Armitage, Company Secretary and Executive Officer ongoing

AMSA Representatives and Council

AMSA Council convenes three times per year and cumulates representatives from all Australian medical schools to discuss matters of importance. AMSA Council is open to medical students, in addition to their representatives, and generally lasts 3 days. It provides a way for medical students to inform and direct the function of the Executive and sets the advocacy agenda.

Council draws medical students from around the country providing the opportunity to meet like-minded medical students and for medical societies to learn from each other. Moreso, it acts as a platform for updates of various arms of AMSA including advocacy, events, engagement and special interest groups 

If you are interested in attending AMSA Council, simply register when registration is open (and will stay open for a month or until capacity is reached) and have a chat with your AMSA rep if you have any questions!

AMSA Special Interest Groups

AMSA Special Interest Groups report directly to the AMSA Council. Committees are responsible for directly administering aspects of specific operations. Special Interest Groups are headed by a chair and currently consist of:

University Medical Societies (MedSocs)

Each medical school around Australia also has its own Medical Student Society, fondly known as a MedSoc. Click here to see the websites of AMSA's Constituent Societies, and get in touch with your local MedSoc today.

State Medical Student Councils (MSCs)

Most states around Australia has its own State Medical Student Councils., known as MSCs. Click here to see the websites of AMSA's Constituent State Medical Councils, and get in touch with your local MSC today.