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Official Policy

AMSA has policy on a number of issues relevant to medical students and regularly forms new policy as needed. Policy is formed by general medical students, AMSA Representatives, MedSocs or the AMSA Executive. A position statement put together by any or all of these parties becomes official AMSA policy when it is ratified by the AMSA Council. Once it is ratified it is then presented to the relevant bodies and made public. Some of the most recent issues on which AMSA has formed policy includes the current treatment of international students, climate change and health, as well as inter-professional education. AMSA's entire policy platform can be found in its Orange Book (8th edition, updated following 2nd Council 2016). All of AMSA's individual policy documents are also presented below, in their Orange Book categories. For all enquiries about AMSA Official Policy, please contact the AMSA Policy Officer. Medical Students and other AMSA stakeholders interested in contributing to AMSA's policy base can refer to the AMSA Policy Creation Guide (4th Edition, updated January 2014) or, if relevant, the AMSA Policy Redevelopment Guide (1st Edition, updated January 2014).

The Orange Book

The AMSA Orange Book is a comprehensive collection of AMSA's policy base, covering a wide variety of issues under a selection of broad topics:

  • Medical School Programs and Admissions
  • Medical School Education
  • Supporting Students
  • Graduations, Internships & Careers
  • Funding & Regulation
  • Medicine in Australia
  • Global Health
  • Social & Other Policies

The Orange Book (8th edition, updated following 2nd Council 2016) is available for download.

Official Policy Documents

A - Medical School Programs and Admissions

B - Medical School Education

C - Supporting Students

D - Graduations, Internships & Careers

E - Funding & Regulation

F - Medicine in Australia

Global Health and Public Health policy

Social & Other Policies

2007 and earlier