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Official Policy

AMSA has a huge policy base that covers a wide range of topics that concern medical students, medical education and healthcare as a whole. Some recent topics include gender equity in leadership and the workforce, voluntary assisted dying, climate change and health, and international students.

What is policy for?

This collection of policies informs AMSA’s stance on the issues they pertain to, which informs AMSA’s advocacy on behalf of medical students.

Who writes the policies?

AMSA represents all the medical students in Australia, as such, each policy is researched, written, edited, reviewed, amended and voted on by medical students to ensure that AMSA’s position accurately reflects their views.

Where might one find the policy base?

AMSA's entire policy platform can be found below, organised into categories.

Can I write a policy?

Yes, you can (provided you’re a medical student, of course). Policies are written and reviewed before one of three Councils held each year, so callouts for policy teams happen three times a year.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for call outs or contact the Policy Officer or your AMSA rep to learn more or get involved. You can also read our How to Write Policy Guide!


Policy Base

 AMSA has a comprehensive policy base, covering a wide variety of issues under a selection of broad topics:

  • A - Medical School Programs
  • B - Medical Education
  • C - Supporting Students
  • D - Graduations & Internships 
  • E - Medical Workforce
  • F - Public Health in Australia
  • G - Global Health
  • H - Ethics


Official Policy Documents

A - Medical School Programs 

B - Medical Education

C - Supporting Students

D - Graduations & Internships

E - Medical Workforce

 F - Public Health in Australia

G - Global Health

H - Ethics