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AMSA Projects

AMSA currently runs five projects which you can find information on under the tabs above. Our Projects have each been created in order to provide supportive initiatives in areas of need for medical students.

Mental health has been proven to be poorer in medical students and therefore improving the mental health of medical students and reducing bullying and harassment is one of our top advocacy priorities. In addition to advocacy though AMSA developed our Mental Health Campaign which was designed to address the issue of medical student mental health, now, on a grass roots level. This process is how a lot of our projects develop – identifying an area of need which is relevant to all Australian Medical students and acting upon that to create tangible change.  

Sometimes this takes the form of giving back to the community and helping patients immediately through the Vampire Cup Blood Drive which is an interuniversity completion designed to increase blood donations during the months of need for the Red Cross later in the year.

The National Leadership Development Seminar has a Projects development workshop where current issues are identified and teams of medical students break down these problems in order to develop practical solutions. The ideas that arise from the NLDS Projects workshop are then relayed to the National Executive team and Projects Officer in order to develop these initiatives further.