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Your AMSA Rural Health team!


Gaby was born and raised in the tiny western-Victorian town of Inverleigh. She is going into her final year of medicine at Monash University and has spent the last two years in various rural and regional areas of Gippsland. Gaby has a passion for rural health from her upbringing in the country as well as her want to see equity in healthcare for everyone regardless of how isolated they are. As Co-Chair, Gaby hopes to help AMSA Rural Health, along with the fabulous 2018 committee, to spread the word about the importance of rural health, as well as promoting an interest in rural medicine to the next generation of doctors. In her spare time Gaby enjoys playing the violin and viola in a number of orchestras as well as kayaking, travelling, and petting every dog within reach.


Candice Day is a fourth year medical student at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.  While Candice grew up in Sydney, she's always felt like a country girl at heart.  Her passion for rural health drives from her love of community, the great outdoors and the belief that your health shouldn't be limited by where you live.  During her term as Vice-Chair, Candice hopes to drive AMSA's rural health advocacy and spread the word about all things rural health.  Outside of medicine, Candice is happiest in the water, exploring new trails and drinking coffee.


Jess comes from Toronto, Canada which is on the other side of the world! She is currently in her fourth year at UniMelb. Jess loves rural health because working in rural health allows one to be part of the community. Jess is the Secretary for AMSA Rural Health this year! She was the Publications Officer last year and made the rural health magazine FRONTIER. Her hobbies include reading while enjoying some nice hot chocolate.

Events Officer (Internal)

Alice lives in Melbourne, and is currently in her second year of study at the University of Melbourne, based at the Ballarat regional campus. Her passion for rural health stems from her early childhood growing up in central Queensland, a love for the laidback lifestyle, and a desire to make a difference in places that need it. In 2018, Alice is the Events (Internal) member on the committee, and hopes to dispel many of the rumours about rural practise, while also raising awareness for the unique issues that rural communities face. In her spare time, Alice enjoys brunch, online shopping and spending time with her friends and family.

Events Officer (External)

Tessa is a second year medical student at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. She comes from the Clare Valley in South Australia, which is also home to some pretty incredible food and wine! Prior to studying medicine, Tessa worked in the Indigenous Health sphere, focusing on program implementation and evaluation of point-of-care testing programs for sexual health and diabetes management in rural and remote areas of Australia and overseas. Tessa’s goals as the Events Officer (External) are to promote rural health events to medical students and create opportunities for students to attend rural health conferences. She also hopes to be able to facilitate networking between medical students and rural health experts currently working in field. During her well-earned breaks from study, Tessa enjoys reading, finding new breakfast spots, running at the beach and cooking.



Publications Officer

Marisse was born and raised in the Philippines but has been adopted by the bustling city of Parramatta. She is currently a 4th year student of UNSW, undergoing her research year. Her family’s rural roots have stirred her passion for rural health, but she is also strongly motivated by the inequities that exist between rural and urban healthcare. She hopes that, as Publications Officer, she could use her role to help other medical students develop an informed understanding of rural issues and awaken others’ passion for rural health. Marisse enjoys long hikes, playing (AKA winning) board games, and amassing a large collection of books she will never have time to read.  

Promotions Officer

David hails from the beautiful little town of Coonabarabran in northern NSW. He is currently in his third year at UNSW, which he is spending in the bustling town of Griffith. David’s passion for rural health is born from his country background, and his love of the community-minded nature inherent to rural practice. Through his role as Promotions Officer, David aims to make ‘AMSA Rural Health’ a well-worn name in conversations in universities across the nation. His hobbies include running, music, and a zealous joy derived from delivering well-timed puns. 

Sponsorship Officer

Imogen was born and bred in Sydney where she is currently in her second year at the University of Notre Dame. She is passionate about rural health as she loves country life and practice and believes everyone deserves a fair go. As Sponsorship Officer it is Imogen's job to ensure AMSA Rural has sufficient funding to achieve its goals in 2018 and to facilitate a strong relationship between AMSA Rural and its stakeholders. When she isn't liaising with potential sponsors or hitting the textbooks Imogen enjoys cycling, swimming and attempting to cook instagrammable food. 

Rural Health Summit Convenor

Having grown up in Singleton in the Hunter Valley and now being based in Albury for her fourth year of medicine at UNSW, Jordan just can’t get enough of Australia’s (wine) country. In recognising disparities in remote medicine during her adolescence, Jordan has developed a special interest in women’s and rural health and aspires to contribute to these fields in the future. Through her role as Co-Convenor for AMSA’s Rural Health Summit in 2018, Jordan hopes to deliver an event which equips medical students with the skills and passion to face obstacles and embrace the opportunities presented by Australian rural health. When not discussing all things RHS with her partner in crime Dayna, Jordan enjoys patting other people’s dogs, pies, lattes and pilates (man, that joke was a stretch…get it?).

Rural Health Summit Convenor

Dayna grew up in the small South Australian farming community of Arno Bay, and is excited to be moving to Albury, NSW for her third year of medicine with UNSW in 2018. Dayna's passion for rural health stems from a family involvement in country community medicine, and an appreciation for the opportunities brought about by growing up rurally. After being a member of the RHS17 team, Dayna is excited to work with Jordan to take RHS18 to the next level by upskilling and inspiring future rural practitioners. She enjoys spending her free time swimming and volunteering with organisations such as St John Ambulance.

Member Without Portfolio

Jacoba grew up in the Gippsland region of rural Victoria. She is a second year postgraduate at Monash University, and will be spending 2018 in the town of Warragul. Jacoba’s enthusiasm for rural health stems from her rural upbringing, her experience as a rural medical student in 2017, and a strong belief in equitable healthcare for all. As a Member Without Portfolio, she hopes to improve the resources and support available for rural medical students, and advocate for better opportunities for those passionate about rural health. Jacoba’s interests include travelling, cooking, binge-watching Netflix, and sloths.

Member Without Portfolio

Katie is from a small beautiful town called Walcha in the New England region of NSW. She is currently in her second year at the University of Sydney and is looking forward to heading rural in 2019. Katie’s passion for rural health stems from her rural background as well as her extensive time in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies within the NRHSN Rural Health Clubs. Katie previously studied at Nuclear Medicine at the University of Newcastle and worked as a Nuclear Medicine Scientist in Dubbo where she experienced first hand the challenges of providing health care services outside of major centres as well as the difficulty for patients in accessing services. As a Member Without Portfolio member in 2018, Katie hopes to be involved in some exciting projects to help promote rural health. Her hobbies involve bushwalking, cooking, and escaping Sydney as frequently as possible. 

Member Without Portfolio

Georgie spent her formative years in the Darling Downs’ town of Warwick, South-East Queensland. She is currently undertaking her final year with The University of Notre Dame in Wagga Wagga (and its canola-clad surrounds). Her family’s heavy community involvement as a child fostered Georgie’s affinity for and desire to contribute back to said communities through rural practice. As a Member Without Portfolio (MWP), Georgie’s aim is to support the key objectives of AMSA Rural Health; in particular, to help to foster rural pathways in medicine, and to advocate for the health of rural communities. Her hobbies include running, building (slowly but surely) her vinyl collection, avoiding balloons, and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and disability.